The VAMPS (Vulnerability Analysis Management Professional Service) Wholesale service provides a global view of organizations’ weaknesses.

Our in-house proprietary technology and globally recognized ethical hacking experts deliver accurate and informative insight about any detected vulnerabilities affecting customers' infrastructure and/or systems. Comprehensive reporting and the intelligence of pentesting modules, which go far beyond traditional “IP-testing” approaches, help to prevent security breaches that otherwise could not be managed or even detected.

The CyberThreats service is delivered in collaboration with ElevenPaths, Telefónica's Cybersecurity Unit.


VAMPS ensures business continuity as customers are able to maintain the appropriate level of security in their systems and services as required by their commercial environment.

  • It reduces costs by eliminating the need to invest in additional hardware or software, which also means that maintenance costs are avoided.
  • Persistent approach by providing early detection and proper management of security threats from the time they are discovered, prioritizing fast mitigation and minimizing the exposure time.
  • 24/7 support of a highly qualified and certified technical team with extensive experience, who verify each detected weakness to determine its severity and define the remediation plan, allowing organizations to focus their resources on quickly managing their resolution.
  • Customization of user profiles to restrict visibility, and vulnerability management among operation groups and/or different organizations within a corporation.
  • Identifies all the assets of an organization that are exposed on the Internet.


  • Clear vision of vulnerabilities and the potential risks to which the information systems are vulnerable.
  • A series of corrective and preventive measures, as well as additional recommendations for proactive security.
  • Reduces the time for the detection of security errors as it is possible to integrate the functionality of persistent pentesting
  • SaaS Solution (Security as a Service) enables scalable, secure and fast implementation.
  • It improves the credibility and reputation of the company as a result of continuous monitoring of the systems and infrastructure.
  • The service can be continuously and dynamically adapted to meet the requirements and requests of the customer.
  • Service Portal to manage the life cycle of vulnerabilities, providing centralised management of reports, alerts and notifications on customers’ vulnerabilities.
  • Support for early detection and correction of security threats
  • Qualified and certified technical team, with more than 7 years’ experience in the field of security.

Service Modules

The VAMPS Service is modular. It implements a standard module of Vulnerability Alert reporting, but as it is highly customizable it can also integrate detections across 5 modules:


As VAMPS is a SaaS service, coverage is global.


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