Telefónica lanza el Servicio de Optimización de Datos para ayudar a los operadores móviles a mejorar la experiencia de usuario

Wholesale 21 mayo 2018

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Madrid, 21st May 2018.- Telefónica’s wholesale business unit, Telefónica International Wholesale Services, has enhanced its mobile services portfolio with a brand new service, Data Optimization, designed to enable mobile operators to enhance their customer experience with faster access to mobile content. 

The strong, sustained growth of data traffic is not only affecting the roaming landscape, but it is also putting mobile networks under greater pressure creating congestion problems which negatively affect user experience and contribute to subscriber churn.

In order to help operators face this problem, we have added a new service to our mobile portfolio, Data Optimization, that allows them to optimize their subscribers’ data sessions when they are abroad, thus reducing the roaming Inter-Operator Tariff (IOT) costs, without reducing the quality of experience.

The Data Optimization service helps to deliver a high quality end-user experience through Quality of Experience-based web, audio and video content optimization techniques which accelerate content delivery and prevent video stalling. It improves the efficiency of mobile users’ bandwidth utilization, allowing operators to maximize their revenues by reducing data load and caching popular content. It also helps operators to identify business insights through the analysis of subscriber and operational data which in turn can be used to inform their business strategies.

Importantly, Data Optimization can optimize a wide variety of content, over different protocols, including the most popular services such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook…

Juan Carlos Bernal, CEO Telefónica International Wholesale Services explains, “Data Optimization is an essential tool that allows mobile operators to improve their customers’ satisfaction while keeping costs under control”.
Hugo de los Santos, Telefónica Business Solutions’ Director Global B2B Products and Services adds “We believe that the development of this solution reinforces our position as a one-stop provider for mobile and carrier services as we seek to continually evolve our offering for customers.”

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