Harnessing the Gigabit Economy

Wholesale 18 marzo 2019
Harnessing the Gigabit Economy

With connectivity at the core of all of our daily lives it is fast becoming one of the most crucial building blocks of our civilization. However, if many companies can build connectivity or clouds, only a few can connect everything into a global ecosystem. The connectivity opportunity is big, but the question is: ‘Who will be able to truly harness it’?

Hot Telecom, in collaboration with Telefonica International Wholesale Services, has written a series of articles exploring some of these industry changing opportunities that are impacting the wholesale industry today.

The first article entitled ’Harnessing the Mobile Economy’ examined 4 key opportunities: The traffic storm, the IoT revolution, the customer is king and changing rules.

The second article entitled ’Harnessing the Gigabit Economy’ examines 4 key opportunities:

  • The connectivity storm
  • The cloudification of everything
  • The ecosystem revolution
  • The on-demand world

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