Digital solutions for Telcos to enhance their customer proposition

Telcos are in a unique position of strength to deliver comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to customers, over and above traditional services.

We have created our Telco4Telco proposition by which we enable other operators to capture commercial opportunities, with both consumers and enterprise customers. Our portfolio of digital services, including Cloud, Security, IoT and Big Data solutions, has already been rolled out across our 17 mobile and fixed operators in Europe and Latin America.

Now we are partnering with other Telcos worldwide to launch these services in their local markets. This means that operators outside of our group are replicating these digital solutions by leveraging our extensive experience and depth of market knowledge as well as unique, go-to-market insight. Thanks to these partnerships, operators around the world can expand their business portfolios, or indeed enter new markets or countries, faster and more efficiently.

Telco4Telco opens up a world of collaboration between operators and we intend to help our customers’ businesses remain dynamic enough to stay one step ahead.

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Satellite Cellular Backhaul

Communications play a major role in our lives. We use mobile phones as an essential tool to manage our social and business lives. As Telcos, delivering this connectivity is our main goal.

However, the delivery of voice and data services is not so easy when it comes to rural and remote areas, as most of them are beyond the reach of terrestrial infrastructure.

The solution to the challenge of expanding coverage in these particular locations is Satellite Cellular Backhaul.

 Discover all the advantages of Satellite Cellular Backhaul

Our team of Global Satellite Experts operates across the world, analyzing the maturity of each market in order to deliver the most Innovative Technology from the market's leading satellite players.

Through our Telco4Telco initiative we offer our know-how to provide Opex savings of up to 40% using totally personalized integrated solutions (consultancy, roll-out and maintenance), in a technologically agnostic way, to ensure you get the best value from Satellite technology.


We have a diverse set of security products and services, ranging from traditional network-centric to broader cloud and mobility focused solutions. Our portfolio extends to include end-to-end managed security services and cybersecurity solutions which mean our customers can focus on growing their business with the peace of mind that their data and infrastructure are secure.

Importantly, our robust portfolio has been developed and deployed across our own operating businesses, meaning you can leverage deep market experience to ensure that you are able to go-to-market faster and more efficiently.

To discover more about our comprehensive range of end-to-end managed security services for enterprises, visit our dedicated website: Security

In the consumer market we provide a broad portfolio of security services. For example in Brazil, Vivo, with more than 100 million of mobile, fixed and cable accesses, is actively providing solutions to protect their customers. Read more 

New Webinar: How internal security helps generate new business?

It is important that Telcos secure their network infrastructure and communications, their clients information and their own data with the same security solutions. This means that coordinating internal and external security is key to success.

In this new webinar, our Security experts explore how internal and external security alignment can be a competitive advantage.


  • Gary Hope - Head of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Telefonica Business Solutions
  • Pedro Pablo Pérez - Global Security VP, Telefonica CEO, Eleven Paths 
  • Juan Carlos Gómez - Cyber Threats Control and Response Director, Telefonica

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Telco4Telco: Partnering to capture the security business

The Security market represents a pivotal opportunity for communication providers, to deliver true service differentiation for our customers.

In the following video we have brought together leading professionals to share insights on the trends across the service set and to discuss approaches to enable us to leverage this potential:

  • Our strategy in Security Services – Chema Alonso, Telefonica
  • Etisalat success case study: How to become a Managed Security Service Provider in less than 1 year Kamran Ahsan, Etisalat

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Big Data

To discover more about how data insights can help your customers improve their propositions and shape their businesses, visit our dedicated website: Big Data

To further demonstrate our commitment to Big Data, we recently announced a joint venture with China Unicom called “Smart Steps Digital Technology Company Limited” to provide big data services in China. This initiative leverages on China Unicom’s stable and extensive basic telecommunication network and rich market experience, as well as well as our own mature technology in big data services such as Smart Steps.


Our cloud-based services allow customers to manage your IT infrastructure more effectively, so you can focus on other areas of your business. We offer a range of possibilities and services, ranging from renting space in our Data Centers, to complete IT management solutions; all integrated with your corporate communications. Our flexible service, managed end-to-end, positions us as the most trusted provider of cloud-based telecommunications.

To discover more, visit our dedicated website: Cloud


As a leading global telco, integrated communications are our speciality. We offer a global and value-added m2m product capable of serving all of your business needs, both locally and internationally, ensuring you receive the information you need when you need it. From tracking vehicles to improve logistic management, implementing back-up security and automating gas or electricity meter reading, to in-car connectivity and knowing when the vending machine needs to be re-stocked.

To discover more, visit our dedicated website: IoT


Our organisation has been involved in a radical Transformation Program to become a digital telco, implementing a strategic plan in order to maintain market leadership, quality positioning and operational efficiency.

To achieve these goals, we developed a differentiating methodology focused on delivering results and with a detailed work plan for each initiative.

Other Telco operators can now take advantage of this experience and methodology in areas such as Value Proposition, Channel Management and efficiency in Operations, Network and IT areas.

Network design, creation and operation

  • New network architectures, services, and equipment analysis, selection and planning
  • Process testing and technical certification
  • Network rollout assessment
  • New product, features and service rollout support and assistance

Strategy and system development

  • New demand management and systems development models
  • IT assets simplification (suppliers, licenses, servers etc.)
  • Data centre consolidation and reduction
  • New architecture and Management Model IT definition

Customer satisfaction / quality programmes

  • Customer Satisfaction Model design
  • Transformation Model management with the 'Transformation Project Management Office' as a key element
  • Complementary services: customer experience design, audits and specific quality-related studies

Telco business processes

  • Analysis of specific telco business processes (customer services, sales, delivery, billing, support processes etc.) orientated towards continuous improvement and optimisation, based on our experience and methodology.



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