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We carry your voice to everyone 

With a single interconnection you will have access to a Tier-1 international carrier network, with over 300 direct access routes to more than 1,200 international voice destinations. This enables you to extend your network worldwide, immediately, maximizing your ability to deliver voice services locally and internationally, without the need for investment to expand your current infrastructure.

Our leadership and strength as the number one fixed and mobile operator in Spanish-speaking markets, a market leader across Europe, and one of the top ten carriers worldwide with a large number of interconnections, allows us to offer you and your clients service expertise, reach, reliability, flexibility, speed and quality standards for termination services across our networks and the rest of the world already experienced by more than 346 million customers every day.


The coverage and quality you demand for your telecommunication services

Our experience as the Telefonica Group's exclusive international voice carrier, means we put your business needs at the heart of our offer:

  • Wholesale voice routing and termination for your international traffic to your preferred countries in a simple, global and immediate manner. This allows you to add new destinations without prior planning, avoiding negotiation of new agreements, dedicating your own resources or making costly investments.
  • Global reach with comprehensive agreements for all value added services with more than 90 operators around the world.
  • Global Relationship Management. A simpler approach to service that is convenient, effective, flexible and personalized for your business globally.
  • Tailored to your business’ quality and management needs to fit all requirements - Wholesale Quality and Premium Quality - with pre-paid and post-paid solutions, and the capability of completely managing your outsourced international voice.
  • Personal attention. An account manager will coordinate the business relationship for your Voice Services with the Telefonica Group.
  • Daily traffic monitoring.
  • Continuous enhancement and development of our service set to meet the latest market demands.
  • Innovation and legacy. Our network combines both modern and legacy infrastructure to give you the broadest interconnection flexibility.
  • Guaranteed quality across all service features, underpinned by our international traffic transport.



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