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We carry your voice to everyone

Our powerful international network offers access to 300 direct access routes to more than 1,200 international voice destinations, and more than 24 billion international voice minutes handled every year.

International Voice Service Wholesale Quality offers voice routing and termination for the international traffic of our clients at the best price, under pre-paid and post-paid solutions with international quality standards fulfillment.


  • Very competitive prices.
  • Global reach with the strongest presence in LATAM and Europe (Spain, UK and Germany).
  • Pre-paid and post-paid solutions.
  • Personal attention from a dedicated account manager.
  • Daily traffic monitoring and fraud detection. 
  • Continuous enhancement and development of our service set to meet the latest market demands.
  • Innovation and legacy. Our network combines both modern and legacy infrastructure to give our clients the broadest interconnection flexibility.
  • Guaranteed voice service, underpinned by our international traffic transport.


  • Network extension without prior planning or CAPEX investment by our clients.
  • Traffic origination (output) and termination (input) available for international termination, depending on whether the traffic is originated or terminated in the countries in which we operate.
  • Pre and Post payment solutions.
  • SBCs incorporating security features to protect against massive attacks.
  • Fraud Detection and Reporting.
  • Global footprint.
  • The broadest interconnection flexibility for our clients, based on our strong infrastructure and all IP network: Internet, VPN, IPX with SIP and SIP-I / T signaling protocols.
  • Support of G.711, G.729, G.722, G.722.2 and more.

Service Architecture


This service has global coverage.



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