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Extending coverage across the wide footprint of our service

Using International Toll Free Services (ITFS) enables customers to capture and transport phone calls directly from the originating country to their  premises, by simply dialling their ITF Number, without any cost for the calling party.


  • Strengthen your competitive offering for your corporate and enterprise customers with this cost-effective, fast and flexible global solution, allowing them to stay connected and accessible for their stakeholders, regardless of their location.
  • Simple, convenient and free for the calling party.
  • Customisable to both your needs and the needs of your customers.
  • Global Relationship Management. A simpler approach to service that's convenient, effective, flexible and personalised for your business globally.
  • Personal attention. An account manager will coordinate the business relationship for your ITFS Services with the Telefonica Group.
  • Daily traffic monitoring.


  • Call collection to the enterprises’ premises through Free Phone numbers for the calling party.
  • Enterprises can set up toll-free numbers in their preferred countries within Telefonica’s footprint and beyond, simply and quickly, allowing them to add new destinations as and when their business requires.
  • Coverage in over 100 countries and constantly expanding. Coverage can even be added on demand.
  • Flexibility and wide range of service options to fit your international goals: standardised dialling format, “vanity number” access, complex multinational call centre, critical, high-volume, low-volume applications etc.
  • Direct management in the countries in which Telefonica is present.
  • Multiple routing based on origin type; mobile, fixed or payphone. Price differentiation based on this typology.
  • Supported over our all-IP Voice network.



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