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Focus on your core business by externalizing operational security

Managed Security Services (MSS) is an integral and flexible solution that allows customers to delegate the monitoring and management of security devices, as well as the resolution of security incidents to our expert SOC teams. Furthermore, the service includes optional modules to facilitate the supply of equipment (physical or virtual), maintenance and specialized support.

MSS is complemented with service security reports and dashboards which provides awareness of the security real status.


Business focus: Allows customers to maintain a laser focus on the core mission of their organizations by externalizing operational security.

Increased efficiency at lower cost:  Enable customers to benefit from scalability advantages that allow them to perform many services at lower cost and higher quality than in-house alternatives.

Bridge cybersecurity skills gap: Rely on our cybersec expertise to fill these very specific skill-set holes to your organization's benefit.

Reduce complexity: Improve visibility over corporate security and strengthen their defences.

Unrivalled protection: Thanks to our knowledge of the security landscape and the latest cybersecurity threats.


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