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Proactive threat detection and agile response to threats

CyberThreats is a cyber-intelligence service which helps customers to be aware of their exposure in the digital world and provides protection against a wide range of threats associated with their Reputation and Brand, Business Continuity, Online Fraud and Mobile Channels.

Based on observations and intelligence from different information sources and an architecture fully tailored to each industry, it provides a comprehensive solution that goes further than a traditional security service, covering the entire cyber threat life cycle from early detection to final resolution.


The CyberThreats service is designed to strengthen customers’ organisations by helping them to be prepared to face and resolve the major security threats in the digital world:

  • Fully packaged for resale and ready to generate business: without the need for initial investment, or any additional software and hardware.
  • Intelligence: applies actionable knowledge to the prevention, detection and rapid response to potential cyberthreats.
  • Anticipation: allows early identification of cyber threats by gathering evidence, trend analysis and emerging threats, 24×7.
  • Efficiency: effective and agile response which mitigates the impact of cyberattacks on your organization.
  • Use of BIG DATA analytics, which is essential to delivering a strong Cyber Security offering.

We deliver the service’s most valuable asset, the intelligence, providing added-value information in a clear and understandable way in order to help you take effective decisions regarding digital threats.

  • Delivered by highly experienced professionals.
  • Supports effective decision-making.
  • Credibility and trust.
  • Budgetary control.
  • Economic losses are reduced.


The service offers a comprehensive solution against external cyber threats, covering the entire life cycle, from early detection to final resolution, enabling:

  • Monitoring: Proactive identification of threats.
  • Analysis: Comprehensive assessment and actionable information.
  • Mitigation: Browser and network blocking.
  • Resolution: Content removal, sites closure (take down) and technical support.

The service can also add an extra layer of tailored intelligence, provided by dedicated analysts who are experts in unknown threats, aimed at preventing emerging threats and delivering a personalized service.

It is a flexible service that offers the choice of different modules. Depending on the customer and customers' industry specific requirements, there are a number of service packages available:

  • Brand and Reputation: Monitoring of activities that can damage the customer’s reputation or organisation’s brand image.
  • Business Disruption: Detects threats that target a customer’s business processes in an attempt to stop or undermine its normal activity.
  • Online Fraud: Tracks all the activities that can result in fraudulent actions against a customer’s interests.
  • Mobile Channel Risks: Integral coverage against mobile channel risks, derived both from vulnerabilities in organizational official apps, and suspicious third party apps against users within the company.


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