Satellite Access (VSAT)_



The Massive VSAT service provides residential or massive connectivity solutions to operators in Latin America where…

  • other broad band technologies don’t reach
  • backup for a totally diversified network needs to be guaranteed; in other words, without any common points with the main link
  • the management of massive internet access connectivity projects is required where the cost is the most important factor; this type of service is specially efficient for transactional type projects and/or with low levels of GB consumption.

Below is a list of the value added services:

Ka band Internet

Our KA band Satellite Internet service is a connectivity solution that makes it possible to have Broadband Internet services, at different speeds, by using a satellite antenna to communicate between the user and the satellite. This service is provided wirelessly without the need to install a telephone line, and is highly recommended for places where there is no coverage or the traditional technical feasibility.

From a purely residential point of view, it’s like having a service with subjective quality similar to a high speed ADSL where terrestrial networks are unable to reach, or where they do reach but with a quality that doesn't satisfy the client's needs.

From a massive projects with low data consumption (transactional, IoT, ...) service point of view, the cost and time to market is so efficient that it jeopardizes technologies that have been used until now, and is the ideal complement to our terrestrial networks.

We have our own network with Ka band satellite broad band service in Latin America, with Gateways in Laredo (USA) and Arica (Chile).

Last mile

The last mile service provides a data transportation service for mobile broadband traffic or wireless network traffic serviced by hotspots, 3/4G/LTE, or WiFi, that are reached with KA band satellite links serviced through the teleports in Laredo-USA and Arica-Chile.

This service is aimed at operators that require the ability to offer the transportation of wireless, or mobile broadband, data to users, serviced from Access Points or eNodeB-LTE for the Internet access.


The VoIP service is the differentiated processing and treatment of voice traffic within our platform, ensuring availability of resources in situations of extreme congestion, and processing it with priority in terms of the Best effort traffic, allowing the client to make calls with good quality of service.

Our Voice over IP service includes the spatial segment, upload and return channels, guaranteeing the quality of the calls contracted on the uploading and return channels.



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