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Our Terrestrial Movisat service makes it possible for customers to have a broadband data connection, anytime and anywhere in the world, easily and without the need for complex installation. Being easy to use and quick deployment are both essential requirements in emergency situations. Besides Internet access, virtual private network (VPN) access is also possible over our terrestrial network infrastructure.

The Portability Service is based on a portable connectivity solution for broadband to IP networks via satellite, which complements the connectivity options in places where other broadband technologies do not reach. Furthermore, it is a fully diversified service which guarantees 100% backup when using an alternative network.

From a technical point of view, this service is based on a shared media Access platform (Hub) that serves the whole set of terminals, regardless of the type of connectivity. The concentration of terminals and the efficiency of sharing the physical media are the key to being able to deliver a competitively priced satellite access service. Either way, it is possible to assign a fully guaranteed bandwidth.

This service includes the optimisation of customer applications to ensure maximum efficiency and performance of the satellite service and to reduce costs.


The benefits provided by the Terrestrial service include the following:

  • Availability with worldwide coverage: always connected, anywhere in the world.
  • Broadband: More applications which lead to increased productivity.
  • Easy to use: plug & play.
  • Security: Compliant with coding standards.
  • Robust: terminals are designed to function outdoors.
  • Scalable solutions.
  • Communications backup.
  • Reports accessible via the Internet.
  • Portability and flexibility: Small and lightweight terminals that have several data interfaces (Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB) and voice interfaces (RJ45/RJ11 and Bluetooth).
  • Broadcasting capacity: flat rate, fast content distribution and bandwidth savings.
  • 24-hour support through a specialised Satellite NOC, with highly qualified staff. This support model offers high quality, integrated service management. The NOC is a “help-desk” that receives any doubts, questions or issues from the customer. They also have mechanisms in place to proactively identify any problems within the system, to fix them, and inform the customer about them.petitive prices: terminals and tariffs.
  • Competitive prices: terminals and tariffs / Geographical flat rates: prices are not determined by location. It provides an “all inclusive” solution. This means the customer knows the costs in advance, irrespective of the number of breakdowns, traffic sent, configuration changes necessary, etc.
  • The customer also has the option to contract onsite maintenance with guaranteed response times.


The features of the BGAN Service include the following:

  • IP background: Internet and VPN access up to 448 Kbps.
  • IP streaming: two-way channels assigned on demand at a guaranteed speed of up to 650 Kbps.
  • Voice: simultaneously with the IP background.
  • ISDN: A 64 Kbps or 56 Kbps B channel.
  • SMS: with any mobile operator worldwide.
  • Voice mailbox, call forwarding and call restriction.
  • KHz channel for group 3 fax machines, modems or encryption equipment.

Modes of service:

  • Terrestrial-portable: allows deployment, anywhere in the world and in less than 15 minutes, a mobile office (mobile ADSL) with broadband access to Internet/VPN and voice communication via satellite with a portable device. The standard BGAN service has evolved to BGAN m2m (Machine To Machine), an additional service which offers specific terminals which are adapted to supporting market opportunities requiring low data rates (usually SCADA traffic).
  • Terrestrial-mobile: allows ADSL one the move via special equipment that is located over a land vehicle. For this service a special terminal called Vehicular BGAN is required.

The features of the Portability Service include the following:

  • Data rates from 512 Kbps/128 Kbps to 22 Mbps/6 Mbps (download / upload).
  • Internet or VPN access. It allows the customer to add remote sites to their corporate VPN network.
  • Optional WAN acceleration solutions in order to improve some applications such as SAP, Citrix, etc.
  • Backup. Offers the possibility of fully diversified backup for the customer’s land-based network accesses.
  • White label wholesaler. Provides the network services and sale of terminals which allows the operator to customise the end user’s service.


BGAN Service

The service is available globally. Worldwide coverage is achieved via three satellites strategically located in the geostationary orbit:



The service is available globally.

In Spain, parts of Europe and Brazil, the infrastructure belongs to Telefonica.

In the rest of the world, we offer the service through agreements with third parties.


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