Modes of service:

There are two service options, compatible for a single customer:

  • Data Mode: data transport service, without the need to convert or process protocols of the used equipment at any point. The service connection interface is Fast Ethernet.
  • Audio Mode: audio transport service. An audio signal or signals are received at the customer’s central site; they are digitalised if necessary and transmitted via satellite towards all the associated local radio stations, where they are converted back to analogue if they have been digitalised.

The Audio Mode service can also be converted to the Video Mode service to support the distribution of multimedia video contents.

This service is highly flexible and adaptable to the specific requirements of the operator’s customer, and takes into account the type of data and applications it wants to transmit through the broadcasting channel via satellite.

In addition, we offer a value-added solution for bandwidth optimization, which is key to being able to reduce costs, and depends, to some extent, on having knowledge about the type of contents the customer is distributing.

This service can be transformed into a portable mode through the Movisat - Terrestrial service.


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