Our Distribution service allows operators to attend to customers who need to broadcast information (data and/or multimedia audio/video) to a large number of sites or users, distributed over a wide area (region, country or internationally). The target customers are mainly radio stations and news agencies.

This service provides one way links via satellite in order to distribute data or audio/video from a central point towards an unlimited number of receivers (fixed or mobile) located arbitrarily within the satellite’s coverage beam.


The Distribution service offers the following benefits:

  • It guarantees a dedicated and constant bandwidth which can be received by an unlimited number of receivers.
  • The service can be contracted in a wide range of speeds depending on your needs.
  • It offers transparent capacity for communications or a turnkey solution (corporate dissemination of data and/or multimedia audio/video).
  • Flat rate, regardless of the number of receivers.
  • Multicast capability.
  • Independence from geographic localisation:
    • Similar characteristics, quality and SLA.
    • Homogeneity and simplicity of all of the network’s remote points by using the same access media, the same speed, the same protocols, the same configuration, etc.
    • The quality and availability are the same at all network points which guarantees the reliability of the services.
  • The service is provided in shorter lead times allowing a rapid response to customer’s needs.
  • 24-hour support through a specialist Satellite NOC with highly qualified staff. This support model offers high quality, integrated service management. The NOC is a “help-desk” that receives any doubts, questions or issues from the customer. They also have mechanisms in place to proactively identify any problems within the system, fix them and inform the customer about them.
  • The customer also has the option to contract on-site maintenance for remote sites, with guaranteed response times.

The target market sectors include:

  • Broadcast programming for radio stations chains.
  • Broadcasting news for a whole network of agencies.
  • Broadcasting contents for a corporate network: products catalogue, prices, training, e-learning, etc.


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