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The Satellite Cellular Backhaul service allows mobile phone operators to quickly extend their network and to protect their land-based links with a fully diversified satellite-based backup circuit. The service includes very advanced optimisation techniques in order to ensure maximum efficiency and performance of the satellite service, and to reduce its cost as a result of the potential to reduce the bandwidth by about half.

Furthermore, the customer can take advantage of the 'portability' of satellite equipment to anticipate the deployment of new BTS/NodeB sites and can therefore optimise their investment.

Satellite Cellular Backhaul is a satellite-based communications service designed to satisfy either of the following needs:

  • Extension of Coverage: 2G/3G geographical extension of mobile phone coverage, facilitating the interconnection between a BSC/RNC and new BTS/NodeB that are incorporated into the network.
  • Backup: Backup of mobile phone land-based links (in E, A, Ater and Abis interfaces) for all interface traffic, or only for signalling.


The Satellite Cellular Backhaul service is aimed at mobile operators and offers the following benefits:

  • It provides a solution to the terrestrial infrastructure deficit. It allows the coverage or backup network to be expanded to areas with a shortage of land-based infrastructures, adding new sites via satellite.
  • It provides a backup for the signalling network that is completely independent of the land-based infrastructure.
  • It has mobile base transceiver stations which can be used to respond to emergency situations and events involving the mass public.
  • It offers flexibility and rapid growth of the network. The service is provided quickly, which enables a rapid response to customer needs and fast deployment of a BTS/NodeB to respond to emergency situations and events involving the mass public.
  • It offers quality, service guarantee and SLA.
  • The service is provided in shorter times allowing a rapid response to customers’ needs.
  • 24-hour support through the specialist Satellite NOC with highly qualified staff. The NOC is a “help-desk” that receives any doubts, questions or issues from the customer. They also have mechanisms in place to proactively identify any problems within the system, fix them and inform the customer about them.
  • The customer also has the option to contract onsite maintenance with guaranteed response times.


The Satellite Cellular Backhaul service allows mobile phone operators to quickly extend their network regardless of their geographical location, and to protect their land-based links with a satellite-based backup circuit.

It makes it possible to have mobile BTS/NodeB stations which can be deployed immediately in transitory situations and for coverage of special events (mass events, crisis situations, response to catastrophes, etc.).

The Satellite Cellular Backhaul service has the following key indicators:

  • Monthly availability SLA per site.
  • Installation time which depends on the country in which the service is contracted.
  • Onsite fault resolution time.
  • Full maintenance service with guaranteed response times to fulfil the SLA.

The Satellite Cellular Backhaul solution is very flexible and adaptable to the specific requirements of mobile operators, taking into account the technological evolution of mobile telephone services, in both voice and data (GPRS/EDGE, 3G, 4G,…). 

It is proven in terms of satellite technology integration with different manufacturers of mobile phone technology.

The Satellite Cellular Backhaul service can be designed as a customised version of the Dedicated Links or VSAT services depending on the specific requirements of mobile phone operators.

It is also possible to transform this service into a portable model through the Portability service.


This service is available in Mexico.



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