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Extend the coverage of your MPLS solutions without the need for costly investment.

IP/VPN Service helps your customers grow all around the world thanks to the high degree of scalability, full mesh connectivity and the convergence of voice, data and video applications over our IP International network.


Our MPLS VPN service interconnects globally distributed local networks, supported by our MPLS infrastructure which optimizes the integration of corporate offices and applications worldwide.

With extensive experience in delivering MPLS VPN services, we are ready to meet all your customers’ needs in terms of availability, performance and value-added features.

Key benefits include:

  • Simplicity: single point of contact.
  • Worldwide coverage: service reach to more than 170 countries.
  • Flexibility & scalability: multiple access options including Ethernet, DSL, mobile and satellite.
  • Innovation: our firm commitment to innovation ensures you will always benefit from the most advanced technology, such as SD WAN, Multicast, WAN Optimization or WAN Acceleration.
  • Experience: we have more than 90 years’ experience leading markets and demonstrating excellence around the world.
  • Wide service portfolio: covering both current and future needs of carriers and customers.


  • Complete set of generic and specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) all along the value chain, demonstrating our commitment to providing your business with a timely and effective service.
  • Service reporting and incident management
  • Easy and detailed service behavior monitoring (packet loss, delay, jitter and customer traffic).
  • Close relationship with our Service Manager who will ensure that you and your customers are fully satisfied with the quality of the service, at all times.
  • Wide range of access methods and technologies (Ethernet, xDSL, Leased Line, Mobile, Satellite and more).
  • Six classes of service to differentiate traffic by customer application.
  • Unicast and Multicast traffic.
  • IPV4 and IPv6 traffic.
  • Redundancy configurations to improve service reliability.
  • Multi VPN: to share access and CPE for different VPNs which optimises cost significantly.
  • Centralised management: available via the International Control Centre.
  • Managed or unmanaged service.



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