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Help your existing customers in their digital transformation by accelerating their Hybrid Cloud solutions.

WAN2Cloud enables you to provide your customers with secure and private connectivity to the main cloud providers globally, avoiding the issues often associated with accessing Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) through the Internet, such as low performance, lack of traffic prioritization and poor security.


  • Expand your portfolio connecting your existing customers to multiple Cloud Services.
  • Reach a large number of Cloud Service Provider locations around the world (EMEA, LATAM, USA & APAC), without the need for investment.
  • Improved performance: Fast provision, high availability, low latency and network guarantee.
  • Improved resilience: All connections to CSPs are redundant.
  • Simplicity: We manage the E2E delivery process for connections to the CSP through our global network and infrastructure, ensuring short delivery times and quick profit.
  • Increased security: Your customers can entrust their business’ proprietary information to the cloud through our VPN as it eliminates the inherent risks of connecting corporate infrastructure through the public Internet.
  • Flexibility: Tap into bandwidth dynamically up to 10 Gbps. As our network is already connected to the CSP, a dedicated port or line is not required. A dedicated port is optional with some CSPs.
  • Service package: Includes SLA, monitoring, proactive management of customer connections and traffic reports.


  • Single point of contact. Telefónica provides the end-to-end connectivity service: International VPN and connection to the CSP, including configuration, administration, maintenance and management.
  • Redundancy. All connections to CSPs are redundant.
  • Customer reports. Available for bandwidth usage providing customers with transparent information about network performance.
  • QoS. QoS can be requested in the same way as VPN MPLS networks. To achieve the best performance, CSPs can mark and classify the application traffic using the 6 QoS model supported on the MPLS network.
  • Telefónica also supports natting and other value-added functions which is important when connecting to Office 365. 
  • Dedicated ports are also available for customers requiring exclusive interconnection ports with CSPs.
  • Proactive management. Proactive incident detection is included as a standard feature. This connection is typically a key “site” on the customer’s network, as the service connects the customer’s VPN with the IT infrastructure at the CSP, providing support for business critical applications.
  • Service Level Agreement demonstrates our commitment to KPIs such as provision time, availability and network performance.


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