Communicate with your out-roamers enhancing their experience and increasing your revenues

Welcome SMS Service allows you to automatically send messages, customized by country and carrier, to  end users when they are registered in a visited network. It uses a sophisticated real-time dynamic events and trigger mechanism that can be configured by the operator based on many different parameters.


The Welcome SMS service has the following advantages:

  • Reduction on integration costs.
  • Possible revenues increasing, since bill-shock is avoided because this service allows the end user to be aware of the in-roaming tariffs.
  • Control of the business and transfer of knowledge.
  • Protection of the brand and corporate data.
  • Compatible with other roaming solutions.
  • Benefit from our experience.
  • Improvement of Quality of Roaming Experience.
  • Increase the transparency and trust of roamers with their MNOs.

The Welcome SMS service allows the Operator to quickly adapt to market changes and to focus on business, leaving the hosting, maintenance and supervision of the platform to us.


The Welcome SMS Platform offers core features as well as other optional functionalities that can complete the service offered.

It allows Client Operators to keep their roamers informed about the applicable tariffs, complying with the principles of transparency within the EU 27.

The Service presents the following configurable characteristics:

  • Multiple languages
  • Campaign period
  • Delivery period
  • Restricted IMSIs
  • Primary and Secondary SMSs in different language
  • The Service has a 24/7 and multilingual post-sale service



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