The best tool to optimize your traffic steering

Steering of Roaming Service facilitates the registration of roaming end users in those networks that the customer Operator has identified as preferred based on the criteria of quality and costs.


The Steering of Roaming Service, based on signalling, is an effective tool to reduce the costs of outbound roaming. Traffic is redirected to those networks with whom the Operator has the best wholesale rates.

The main benefits of the service include:


  • Raises profit of roaming services.
  • Cost saving improvements.
  • Low efforts in terms of CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Management and Business Control and access to better IoT discount.


  • Fully managed service (24*7 monitoring) by highly expert team.
  • Geo-redundant Service (99,999 % availability).
  • Dedicated reporting tool - Full visibility of SoR Efficiency.
  • Consulting services for steering policies.
  • Proven LTE solution, live in several customers.


  • Access to SCCP and LTE Carrier Services as well as value added services.
  • Helps to improve mobile user experience.


Enable operators to select and prioritize roaming partners based on criteria such as bilateral agreements, group operator membership, coverage, and traffic volume.

It detects deviations in roamers’ behavior pattern by monitoring the Steering system, which provides steering solutions to control outbound roaming traffic.

The network registration of roaming customers is based on the criteria of quality and costs allowing an effective management of IOT discount agreements.

The service could include the following steering solutions:

  • SS7 based: Enables Operators to use SoR to redirect their outbound roaming subscribers to GSM/GPRS preferred networks.
  • Diameter S6 based: Allows Operators to use SoR to redirect their outbound roaming subscribers to LTE preferred networks.
  • Hybrid based: Permits Operators to use both the signaling-based manipulations to intercept ULs and OTA-based to control handset SIM data.
  • Usage based: Enables Operators with the ability to deploy a new steering method based on the actual roaming contribution (traffic generated by roamers)

Advanced functionalities of the service:

  • Roaming Shield: Provides the logic to identify anti-steering (Anti-SoR) methods and dynamically block fraudulent transactions sent by anti-steering systems
  • Boarder Roaming: Avoids accidental roaming by keeping subscribers registered to the home network when end user is travelling near international and national borders.



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