Ensure fast and safe interconnections thanks to our global network

SCCP Global Signaling Service provides access to our signalling network, satisfying the interconnection needs of carriers and mobile operators for 2G and 3G for international roaming traffic. The service transports both roaming signalling messages and international SMS and allows access to any other value-added service based on signalling.



  • Helps to improve subscribers’ experience by increasing 2G and 3G coverage worldwide.
  • Cost reduction by decreasing technical and commercial resources required to set-up/maintain bi-lateral connections and through O&M functions being outsourced. Low effort in terms of CAPEX and OPEX.


  • Seamless and ubiquitous, it gives customers complete interoperability, regardless of technology or location.
  • Geo-redundant service, 4 STPs (America and Europe).
  • Compliance with international standards.
  • 24x7 Multilingual support.


  • Easy access to other Value added Services based on signalling offered by Telefónica: Steering of Roaming, Welcome SMS, SMS Blocking, Home Environment Services.
  • Under Telefónica quality of service and its worldwide coverage.


Compliant with international standards, the service includes two main features:

  • SCCP Carrier: adds the components of SCCP routing and Global Title Translation to MTP Transport. This combination enables us to manage transport and routing on behalf of our customers, as well as open up new international signaling traffic routes.
  • ITU – ANSI Conversion: offers optional ITU/ANSI functionality, making it possible to reach both ITU and ANSI signalling networks to provide worldwide coverage.

Our extensive signalling network facilitates the transport of large amounts of traffic through direct signaling links. It ensures high availability and supports load balancing via our scalable architecture, links resilience and site redundancy.

Seamless and ubiquitous, SCCP Global Signalling gives you complete interoperability, regardless of technology or location.


Our signalling network offers worldwide coverage with over 900 reachable destinations:

  • Direct On-net Coverage: All Telefónica OBs.
  • OFF-net Coverage: Worldwide coverage directly delivered through multiple peering agreements with Tier 1 carriers and other partners to provide a truly global service.



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