Powerful solution to support international roaming for 4G networks with mobile operators worldwide.

LTE Diameter Exchange offers the routing and signaling necessary to allow operators to enhance the subscriber LTE Data Roaming experience through a robust solution, built over our IPX network with full consideration for redundancy, geographical diversity, reliability and scalability.


  • Short time to market: one interconnection and one contract to access multiple international destinations, without the worry of interoperability issues.
  • Cost effective: reduced operating costs and minimal upfront investment required.
  • Global capillarity/coverage: points of presence all around the world which guarantee the best connectivity.
  • Simplicity: centralized Diameter Routing architecture.
  • Seamless and ubiquitous: complete interoperability amongst networks, regardless of technology or location.
  • Flexibility/scalability: service adapted to technological evolution to always meet needs.
  • Security: deployed on top of our IPX network for additional peace of mind.
  • QoS improvement for users: customer roaming experience is the same as at home.


  • Diameter Relay Agent: Simplifies interworking between different network elements.
  • Diameter Proxy Agent: Enables the routing of Diameter messages based on the different parameters.
  • Hosted Diameter Edge Agent: Optional functionality to help operators expedite the launch of LTE roaming services and reduce investment as a result of the provision of a dedicated customer virtual DEA.
  • Diameter Basic Capability: Interconnects the different network elements.
  • SCTP Multi-Homing: Enables multiple IP addresses to connect to a peer device, ensuring reliable end-to-end multi-path transmission.
  • Geographic Redundancy: With 4 DRAs located in America and Europe.
  • Compliance with GSMA recommendations: Support for S6a, S6d and S9 interface defined by 3GPP.
  • Enhanced security: With signaling screening and topology hiding functionalities.


LTE Diameter exchange service offers worldwide coverage:

  • Direct ON-Net Coverage: All Telefonica OBs.
  • Off-Net Coverage: Worldwide coverage directly delivered through multiple peering agreements and with Tier-1 carriers and other partners to provide a truly global service.



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