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IPX Transport provides a private, transparent and service unaware transport layer between any number and type of Service Providers with guaranteed QoS, making it very useful for developing ad-hoc transport solutions over IPX. It can be seen as a private, managed, secure, QoS-enabled network connecting all IPX Providers and Service Providers.

The versatility of IPX Transport means it can satisfy any connectivity scenario defined within IPX. It can be used to implement ad-hoc communications solutions for non traditional services, such as providing connectivity solutions to service platforms, relaying on our strong IPX infrastructure, that offers worldwide capillarity.


This service is particularly relevant to provide connectivity to access service platforms. As IPX Transport is service-agnostic it is a flexible solution which can be adapted to multiple IPX transport services.

Cover your specific needs with a customizable connectivity solution. We build your particular implementation from our well-proven building blocks.

As part of our IPX offering, the IPX transport service offers the same benefits:

  • Efficiency
  • Secure environment
  • End-to-end quality

Furthermore, our strong expertise in routing and IPX solutions allow us to replicate the benefits of IPX for your business.


The IPX Transport service is part of our IPX offering, which means it has the same connectivity options and architecture as other IPX services such as Data Roaming. Furthermore, it complies with the recommendations set out by the GSMA. 

Additionally our service includes the following features:

  • Ample toolbox: you can select from several VPN topologies, filtering options and solution sizes to match your needs.
  • Reporting: You can access statistics online showing service usage and tracking different SLA parameters.
  • Quality of Service: We provide QoS and discard policies based on 6 qualities of service: Voice, Video, Data-Platinum, Data Gold, Data Silver and Data Bronze. This allows prioritisation and guarantees application traffic.
  • Security: Traffic will be transported securely through our MPLS network. The use of VPNs in our network ensures the isolation from the Internet.


We are committed to solving your connectivity needs and therefore put at your disposal our international network and our relationships with the top IPX Providers to reach your destination of choice.

We provide you with over 100 Points of Presence (PoP) in 37 countries to cross-connect with us.

We connect through local accesses wherever you need.



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