Offer your end-users a roaming like at home environment

Home Environment Services provides Mobile Operators with a tool to offer their end-users a similar environment while Roaming to the one they have in their home network, facilitating the use of local mobile services worldwide.

The solution allows end users, among other things, to call their contacts directly through their phone book, use their regular numbers for value-added services (voicemail, emergency phones, etc.), make use of voicemail and be informed about Roaming tariffs and their data consumption in real-time.


  • The solution is a fully automated solution that corrects inbound calls leading to an increase in roaming income from calls that otherwise would have been lost.
  • Removes “bill shock” risk to the end user, it offers outbound roamers the peace of mind of being informed and controlled at all times regarding the volume and cost of their data usage.
  • It eliminates costly and time-consuming manual provisioning, as well as manual requests for daily status reports, culminating in across-the-board efficiency and accuracy.
  • Minimal capital investment required.
  • Improves the Customer Experience in Roaming reducing churn, users can have the same experience abroad and use the same services as in their home country.


Home Environment Services consists of five modules that allow MNOs to facilitate their end users with the same experience abroad as at home:

  • Smart Call Assistant: Makes international call dialing easy for inbound roamers by automatically correcting dialing mistakes introduced due to new and unfamiliar dialing codes and patterns in the visited network.
  • Short Codes: It allows operators to let their roamers use the same short codes they are familiar with in the home network even when they roam outside.
  • Voicemail Call Completion: Identifies if the roamer’s terminal is switched-off, busy or out of coverage and the lost call is routed to the home network voicemail, in order to avoid the international double charge.
  • Data Roaming Alerts: Helps Mobile Operators to not only comply with the regulatory requirements, but also to change the subscriber’s perception about data roaming.
  • Missed Call Alert: Notification feature of call when the roamer subscriber is busy, the terminal is switched-off or it is not available to answer.



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