We extend your network to provide your customers with a roaming experience like at home.

Data Roaming provides the connectivity between your roaming users and your network to enable them to have data usage like at home. Through this Service, we provide you with global GRX reach for your Data Roaming traffic, both 2G/3G and LTE, and help you to guarantee the expected user experience. Discover new possibilities through our extensive portfolio of Value Added Services enabled through IPX Data Roaming.


Through our Data Roaming Service, you can obtain global access to all Mobile Network Operators through a single IPX provider, while keeping the highest levels of security and reliability. Our coverage and presence enables us to reach any destination you need, while our network and policies meet stringent levels of quality.

Our Data Roaming Service provides flexibility and scalability to help you cover your needs, whether anticipated or not. This service is part of a wider set of IPX Services that can be provided over the same accesses. These shared resources enable us to provide service quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

The Data Roaming service aims to provide a cost efficient solution. Our wide access coverage and our resource sharing schemes enable us to offer you an efficient solution without decreasing the features. Moreover, we make available to you a wide set of Value Added Services to maximize the benefits of your users' roaming experience.


Our Data Roaming Service is compliant with the standards put forward by the GSMA and includes dedicated DNS servers. The key features for our solution are:

  • Global reach: Our presence in all three Public GRX Peering Points and our relationship with other relevant partners enables us to provide you with access to any Mobile Network Operator worldwide.
  • Tier 1 Network: This service is provided over our own global MPLS network, which provides us with the redundancy and capacity to provide a flexible, secure and private environment.
  • Value Added Services: Our services integrate seamlessly with a wide range of additional service that enable you to maximize the value of your data roaming traffic.


  • We provide worldwide service coverage; you will be able to access any Mobile Network Operator you need.
  • We provide you with over 100 Points of Presence (PoP) in 37 countries to cross-connect with you.
  • We connect through local accesses wherever you need.



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