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As mobile video dominates, quality of experience is key

Data Optimization allows you to optimize your subscribers' data when roaming out, adapting the content to the device’s features to guarantee the best quality of experience while reducing inter-operator cost.

Regain control over your users’ data and adapt your offer to their needs to benefit from the data roaming explosion.

Key Benefits

Benefits for YOU:

  • Improve revenue and profit from roaming services.
  • Increase revenue by optimizing network usage during peak traffic times.
  • Reduce inter-operator costs associated with roaming traffic.
  • Reduce network load thus avoiding congestion.
  • Accelerate the delivery of content for superior Quality of Experience at the lowest cost.
  • Reduce churn due to improved subscriber satisfaction.
  • Boost subscribers’ demand for data plans.
  • Reduce investment needed for implementation and solution maintenance.
  • Identify business insights by analyzing subscriber and operational data.

Benefits for SUBSCRIBERS:

  • Improved quality of experience: faster page downloading, reduced video stalling…
  • Get more from their data plans, by reducing the amount of data needed to get video content.
  • Helps to reduce bill shock.


  • Optimization of all types of content, over different protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, QUIC & Zero-RTT), including the most popular services.
  • Content cache for popular video content.
  • Device-aware optimization.
  • Video content compression in real-time, adapting the level of compression to the available throughput, on a per-user and per-stream basis, allowing multiple video formats (QUIC, MP4...).
  • Real-time video re-encoding to reduce size.
  • Dynamic resolution adaptation which re-encodes the video to a lower vertical resolution without impacting the user’s perception of quality.
  • Content-aware transcoding to dynamically enforce a different compression level based on the complexity of video scenes.
  • Just-in-time video delivery to deliver to the user just enough content to allow the player to continue, whilst preventing excessive buffering.
  • Adaptive streaming optimization.
  • Smart video content detection.
  • Audio streaming optimization.
  • Image optimization.
  • Policy-driven optimization: based on different conditions (requested URL, subscriber profile, time of day…).
  • Guaranteed service quality thanks to our reliable and robust infrastructure.
  • Multilingual 24x7 support.



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