Data Roaming Transport_



Service Architecture: We provide connectivity to our International Network, as well as the connectivity to Domain Name Service, and management of CPE and service accesses.

Following the standards set by the GSMA, our Data Roaming Transport Service uses the BGP routing protocol, and all routing traffic engineering is developed around this protocol.

The use of DNS is critical in the Data Roaming Transport Service, as the network is not accessible from the Internet. In order to provide an extra layer of security to the IPX network, the DNS system for this service is private and is part of a private network. It also does not interact with the public Internet DNS system. Domains within this private system are assigned by GSMA

Reporting: You can access statistics showing the use of the service and the tracking of different SLA parameters via the Web.

Quality of Service: The different Diffserv and DSCP values are mapped to the IPX classes of service. Furthermore, the GSMA recommends specific Diffserv markings per application which allows prioritisation and guaranteed application traffic.

We provide QoS and discard policies based on 6 qualities of service: Voice, Video, Data-Platinum, Data Gold, Data Silver and Data Bronze

IP Address Assignment: We have accreditation to provide public address of RIPE, ARIN and LACNIC, the organisations that assign IP addresses in America and Europe for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Simplicity: If you wish you have the option to outsource the service management to us.

Security: Traffic will be transported securely through our MPLS network. The use of VPNs in our network ensures the isolation from the Internet.

Flexibility: We provide numerous additional features such as proactive management and MultiVRF in CPE among others.

Key Indicators

We guarantee a first class service thanks to the strict quality control and management of our 24 hour network by our International Network Management Centre.

Our services delivers  the quality that our customers demand, and to guarantee it, we offer refunds according to the conditions specified in the agreed SLA, for issues such as faults in the committed levels of availability, delays, delivery times, jitters and packet loss. These issues ​​can be viewed in real time through our web tool.

Value-Added Services

This service provides our customers  with access to data services over 2G/3G and LTE:

  • Text messages
  • MMS
  • WAP
  • Internet
  • Mail access
  • Access to Corporate intranets.

It will be implemented based on your access, device and management requirements.

Furthermore, the Data Roaming Monitoring Tool can be also provided as a value-added service. The Data Roaming Monitoring tool is a system capable of capturing, processing, analysing and visualising relevant information provided or included in the Data Roaming Transport Service.



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