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Take advantage of a comprehensive end-to-end IoT solution

Global IoT Managed Connectivity solution enables customers to cover any IoT business need, providing control and management over communications, in real-time at any location worldwide through a single SIM.


  • Global connectivity. The Global SIM model provides global coverage via our own network and strategic partners, which is further extended by more than 650 roaming agreements worldwide.
  • Simplicity. Friendly solution with a ready to use SIM, simple API integration, intuitive configuration settings, standard management tools, single support contact and full project management.
  • Flexibility. Designed to meet your business requirements, capable to adapt to multiple logistic and production processes. Applicable across all industry sectors.
  • Increasing business productivity. Enable a cost effective solution whilst simultaneously delivering enhanced control with improved data analysis to support risk assessment and management.
  • Predictability. Delivering full connectivity control, both from a technical, operational and commercial perspective.
  • Easy regulation compliance. Peace of mind knowing that our IoT solutions are designed to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Reduced time to market. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and
    enable your customers to launch new products to market  faster.
  • Benefit from our extensive experience executing global projects.


  • Centralized Management: Over-the-top access from any place, having a centralized Smart Center to monitor and manage full IoT inventory.
  • Network Backup: Service continuity, even if the devices lose connectivity with the preferred operator, moving to a backup operator thanks to Global SIM.
  • Real-time Control of IoT connectivity lines, providing status, expenses and consumption.
  • Finance Control: Flexibility and simplicity to set commercial plans based on different parameters such as location/zone bundles, dynamic pools, etc.
  • SIM location functions based on Cell-id information.
  • Easy inventory management, allowing large-scale SIM provisioning.
  • Seamless integration with client BSS systems and secure API access, with possibility of alarm notification via SMS, email or standard protocol (SNMP).
  • Full commercial offer, including data, voice and SMS mandatory for key verticals (e.g. automotive).
  • Reporting: Possibility of generating multiple reports with granularity and multiple formats.
  • Multilingual 24x7 support with dedicated specialized teams with an extensive knowledge and experience in IoT solutions.


Comprehensive coverage supported by roaming agreements.



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