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Optimize your own value proposition or help to enhance the value proposition of your customers using insights about global trends of groups of people

Smart Step services are available for:

  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Retail
  • Media & Advertising


  • Unparalleled sample: Leveraging millions of devices, generating millions of data pieces; a more significant sample than any other traditional source.
  • Detection of specific business needs: Thanks to the analysis of travellers’ behaviour, we can identify possible business cases.
  • Personalized offer: Products and services that are adapted to the needs of mobile users.
  • Positioning of profiles: Specific locations to capture the desired target and get to know the profile of the audience.
  • Point of Sale optimization: Greater conversion ratio of potential customers to real consumers.
  • High impact marketing campaigns: You can help retailers to understand and optimize the impact of their marketing campaigns in order to target their regular and potential customers.
  • Attracting an ad-hoc audience: Define a target audience, and understand their distribution in space and time – where and when can one best reach their audience?
  • Visual excellence: Better conceptualization of the message in order to create convincing and personalized visuals.
  • Greater impact: Measurement and tracking of variables for each period of time, and how campaigns influence and change the behaviour of the audience over time.
  • Analysis and monitoring: Possible to compare current results with past ones to identify points of improvement and to define action plans.
  • Maximum budget control: As a result of the optimization of the infrastructure using data.


Smart Steps uses anonymized and aggregated data, which provides insights on specific sectors. By working alongside our global security unit (ElevenPaths), we ensure privacy and security every step of the way, always collaborating closely with Data Protection Agencies in all of the countries we work in.

Using data generated by over 320 million users across our network all over the world, we are able to generate highly valuable information in a wide range of sectors. The platform can also be deployed using third-party mobile network data.


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