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The right offer, to the right person, at the right moment

Marketing Campaigns Manager is a suite of services that enables you to monetize every subscriber interaction with contextual real-time engagement.

It helps you send the most relevant offers in real-time, through multiple channels, allowing users to immediately complete the purchase.

Key Benefits

Marketing Campaigns Manager is the essential tool to help you face today's challenges: regulatory changes, competitive environment and user behavior shift from voice/messaging towards data applications, as well as their always-on mentality.

Benefits for YOU:

  • Increase your revenues as your end users consume more.
  • Attract new customers through smart data packages.
  • Reduce churn as user satisfaction increases.
  • Improve user segmentation through data from external sources - Big Data, CRM...
  • Monitor campaign performance to continuously improve offers.
  • New revenue streams through sponsored data and monetization of your end users’ location.
  • Greater negotiation power on wholesale data roaming connections due to higher volumes.
  • Helps you fulfil regulatory requirements.

Benefits for END USERS:

  • Customized offers: based on their specific preferences.
  • Reassurance that costs remain under control.
  • High quality user experience with real-time offers.
  • Friendly use: Captive portal to view, purchase and manage their own experience.
  • Immediate purchase option for end users via opt-in process.


Our modular solution covers all aspects of subscribers’ digital journey allowing multiple use cases.


  • Sponsored Data - Collaborate with OTT and App providers to incentivise subscribers.
  • Silent Roamers - Identify and encourage silent roamers to use data through attractive promotions.
  • Data Sharing Plans - Allow your subscribers to share data plans between several devices.
  • Data Offers Management - Give customers control over their data packages.
  • Rewards - Reward your subscribers based on their preferences.
  • Location-Based Offers - Create offers associated to your subscribers’ physical location.


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