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Gain insight into your Roaming Business and extract its full potential.

The Business Analytics Tool is a state-of-the-art roaming monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting solution that provides you with a 360º view of your entire Roaming Business.

The tool offers a holistic view of Roaming, combining near real-time and historical Signaling & Data Roaming information, allowing you to quickly identify the root causes of roaming services incidences in near real time and offering a proactive failure detection and resolution. This helps you to improve your end-users experience and protect your roaming revenues.


  • Improve network performance and service quality.
  • Proactive failure detection – problem detection and resolution before customer complaints.
  • Improve customer satisfaction – near real-time examination of customer roamers’ activities improving operator troubleshooting.
  • Roaming revenue protection – capture unrealized roaming revenues increasing operators’ profits.
  • Short time to market – web-based tool, no hardware/software installation is needed.
  • Simplicity – user friendly tool and interface.
  • Cost effective – reduced operating costs and minimal upfront investment required.
  • Security – deployed on top of Telefonica's framework.


  • Intuitive and interactive dashboards provide a quick view of the quality of service per direction (outbound or inbound), country and roaming partners.
    • MAP Dashboards
    • LTE Dashboards
    • GTP Dashboards
    • User Experience dashboards
  • Historic information of up to 2 years of daily KPIs.
  • User defined alerts available through dashboard and e-mail.
  • Activity look-up up to individual IMSI level.
  • Advanced reports with more than 140 KPIs available. Possible to combine KPIs from different services (SIGTRAN, Diameter, GTP) in one report.
  • Community Monitoring enables subscriber groups (VIP, M2M) to be created and monitored in a differentiated way.



Business Analytics is a Value Added Service that we can provide to you on top of our IPX Data Roaming, SCCP Global Signalling and LTE Diameter Exchange services. For coverage please refer to the above mentioned services.


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