Our Cloud Services can be an enabler for other carriers' digital transformation

A unique combination of reliable and flexible Connectivity and Cloud capabilities are available for carriers, ranging from managed private environments to public cloud infrastructure hosted in our Data Centers. 


With extensive experience in delivering IT transformation projects, we are ready to meet all your needs in terms of flexibility, security, data sovereignty, connectivity and competitiveness. Our Cloud services can be integrated easily with other services such as Colocation, International VPNs, WAN2Cloud, etc., all with a single point of support from Telefónica International Wholesale Services (TIWS).

The key benefits of this service include:

  • Cost effective: We offer virtualized IT resources, with the ability to rent infrastructure services rather than own the infrastructure. This reduces the risk of high CAPEX investments.
  • Flexibility & scalability: You can continue to leverage the value of your existing local infrastructure while expanding your capabilities to the Cloud with our Hybrid Cloud capabilities. Alternatively, when necessary, you can use resource isolation options to meet business and regulatory requirements.
  • Ease of use: The infrastructure is available on a self-service basis, using a web-based graphical user interface that serves as an IT operations management console for the overall environment. API access to the infrastructure is also offered as an option.
  • Wide portfolio: Covers both current and future needs of carriers and customers, constantly evolving to keep up with market needs.
  • Footprint: Particularly strong presence in Latin America.
  • Speed and agility: Our public cloud proposition can enable application deployment in multiple regions with just a few clicks.
  • Integration with other services such as Colocation, International Connectivity, WAN2Cloud.
  • Simplicity: a single point of contact throughout the service lifecycle.
  • Experience: Telefónica is currently a reference for Digital Transformation.


  • Go to Public Cloud: Telefonica Open Cloud offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that can help other carriers move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. All of these through a web-based graphical user interface that serves as an IT operations management console for the overall environment.

  • Virtual Data Center: Forget the complexity of a traditional Data Center. Using Telefonica’s Virtual Data Center (VDC) you can create the infrastructure you need with the same networking capabilities (VLANs, multi-layer architectures) and topologies, security and reliability - but with the added advantages of virtualization technologies, automation and cloud computing. The VDC allows you to plan a strategic move to the cloud without risks, preserving current investments, maintaining the same quality and tight requirements of an enterprise IT environment. A hybrid environment (VDC-private cloud) can also be created.
  • Baremetal Servers: Baremetal servers are non-virtualized, single-tenant, physical, high-performance servers. The Baremetal Servers are delivered via a cloud-like service model.
  • Data Center Connect: Connecting Open Telefonica Cloud to the DataCenter (inside Telefonica’s Data Centers) allows us to deploy whichever architecture is right for our customer needs.
  • Direct Connect: low-latency network connectivity platform between Customer facilities and Telefonica data centers (MPLS, WAN) or 3rd party Public Cloud.
  • Datacenter Interconnection: low-latency network connectivity platform between Telefonica data centers.



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