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Security and positive user experience is possible by using data linked to the user’s phone

Smart Digits is a B2B2C platform and set of secure REST based API services that allows access to unique, personal, consent based mobile data insights. These insights can be used by service providers to enhance and transform their customer experience and user journeys, while at the same time improving security and reducing fraud.


Benefits for your customer:

  •  Verify end-user data quickly and easily with data bound to their mobile number.
  •  Improve registration conversion rates and acceptance rate of applications for new products and services.
  •  Improved security by reducing fraudulent transactions.

Benefits for your end-users:

  •  Privacy and control of data since the data is not shared and is only matched.
  •  Improves likelihood of registration or application success.
  •  Improved security by reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.


Account Takeover Protection: Make better informed risk decisions when using mobile channels for one-time passwords.

  • Account Takeover Protection protects your end-users if, for example, they are asked to validate a transaction with a one-time password sent to their mobile device. The service gives you real-time insight into whether the call divert function on a end-user’s mobile device has been activated, and the recency of any sim swaps.
  • Your customer can then decide whether it is dealing with fraudulent behaviour and if any further step-up authentication is required.

Match: Verify your end-user’s data instantly and securely.

  • Match makes it simple and easy for your customer to compare and validate the end-user’s identity using the verified account data bound to their mobile number.
  • With Match, your customer can improve the conversion rate of new end-user registrations, or more easily approve end-user product or service applications.


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