• Single point of contact. Telefónica provides the end-to-end connectivity service: International VPN and connection to the CSP, including configuration, administration, maintenance and management.
  • Redundancy. All connections to CSPs are redundant.
  • Customer reports. Available for bandwidth usage providing customers with transparent information about network performance.
  • QoS. QoS can be requested in the same way as VPN MPLS networks. To achieve the best performance, CSPs can mark and classify the application traffic using the 6 QoS model supported on the MPLS network.
  • Telefónica also supports natting and other value-added functions which is important when connecting to Office 365. 
  • Dedicated ports are also available for customers requiring exclusive interconnection ports with CSPs.
  • Proactive management. Proactive incident detection is included as a standard feature. This connection is typically a key “site” on the customer’s network, as the service connects the customer’s VPN with the IT infrastructure at the CSP, providing support for business critical applications.
  • Service Level Agreement demonstrates our commitment to KPIs such as provision time, availability and network performance.


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