SMS Hub P2P_



  • Hub-based interoperability aligned with the GSMA Open Connectivity model.
  • Mobile Number Portability support to ensure delivery of the SMS to the correct network.
  • Connectivity options: Customers can choose to connect: via SS7/SIGTRAN or via SMPP (based on IP protocol).
  • Interoperability. Different network technologies supported. Routing capacity for GSM, CDMA and TDMA networks.
  • Transparent message and invoicing clearing for bilateral agreements
  • Real Time Monitoring: Operation & Maintenance centralized graphic interface supported by SNMP protocol.
  • Security: Fraud and spam control features and per operator interoperability agreements controlled, through blacklists and whitelists.
  • High availability solution.
  • Guaranteed quality. It maintains performance and latency comparable to those of a bilateral agreement. We perform end-to-end interoperability testing with all operators interconnected.
  • Additional features available for message delivery.
  • Multilingual 24x7 support.



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