SMS Hub P2P_



A fast solution for international exchange of P2P SMS

SMS Hub expands your international P2P SMS coverage globally in the easiest way, allowing you to send to and receive SMS from any operator in the world with invoicing, security and reporting capabilities, without the complexity of having to negotiate multiple bilateral agreements.


  • Worldwide coverage with +1500 destinations, taking advantage of our experience in managing international agreements.
  • Simplicity: One single connection and a single contract to reach all operators. No bilateral agreements needed.
  • Cost effective. Reduced operating costs and minimal investment. You will only be charged for the traffic you send to the SMS Hub.
  • Revenue generation for traffic terminating in your network. This could enable a new business opportunity without new investment.
  • Compatible with your existing bilateral agreements.
  • Centralized management: Manage technical, commercial and security aspects through one single connection.
  • Fast. Just one connection with a fast, simple implementation.
  • Improvement of the end user experience thanks to the wider coverage.



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