Internet Access_



Provide fast and reliable Internet access to your customer to support their business processes located all over the world.

A complete set of value-added services are easily activated with our Dedicated Internet Access / Broadband Services, delivering application-level visibility, enhanced security features, VoIP integration and web & video traffic optimization, SD-WAN and ability to move to Hybrid networks, plus peering with main cloud providers.


A high-performing and reliable Dedicated Internet Access Service that will positively impact your customers’ business.

With extensive experience delivering Dedicated Internet Access Services, we are ready to meet all your customers’ needs in terms of availability, performance and value-added services.

Our Dedicated Internet Access Service makes it possible to reach the Internet by using our Tier 1 capabilities and other ISP services, as well as providing a comprehensive range of bandwidth options (from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps), different resilience scenarios and other features such as full routing and IPV6 among others.

The key benefits of this service include:

  • Simplicity: a single point of contact throughout the service lifecycle.
  • Flexibility & scalability: Multiple access options.
  • Experience: We have more than 90 years’ experience leading markets and demonstrating excellence around the world.
  • Wide portfolio covering both current and future needs of carriers and customers.
  • Integration with other services.



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