Ethernet Services_



Simplify communications for your customers allowing all their offices to work on a Global Extended LAN.

Our Ethernet Service satisfies the needs of carriers to provide Ethernet services to their customers with specific requirements of high bandwidths, strong focus on different Classes of Service, multi-point topologies and greater security and performance at reduced costs.


A high-performing and reliable Ethernet Service will positively impact your customers’ business.

With the latest technology and an efficient design, we are ready to meet all your customers’ needs in terms of availability, performance and value-added features.

  • Simplicity: a single point of contact throughout the service lifecycle.
  • Global reach: to more than 90 countries. Ethernet services are layer 2 services implemented over the MPLS network which deliver global connectivity thanks to the extensive coverage of our own networks and extended footprint via third parties.
  • Reliability and high performance: optimum availability of your network for all types of service and suitable for a wide range of different applications.
  • Innovation: our commitment to innovation ensures you benefit from the very latest technological advances.
  • Experience: we have more than 90 years’ experience leading markets and demonstrating excellence around the world.
  • Flexibility, scalability and security: robust protocol and greater scalability with fewer resources.



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