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Prevention, detection and action

Fraud prevention should be a priority for all international carriers and it is no longer enough to just identify current fraud patterns and black listing numbers. As a wholesaler our role should not be limited to simply transport traffic, but we should also try to know what we are carrying.

Fraudsters are smart and agile, with new techniques being used all the time, therefore we must continually analyse and manage all potential fraud types and patterns.

TUKU Fraud Management System (FMS) is the guardian of Telefónica’s international network against potential fraud or spam attacks. A fully in-house solution hosted in the Telefónica Cloud, it’s 100% configurable by the customer and can detect, prevent and take action against any fraud in both Outgoing traffic streams and Incoming traffic streams. It applies Big Data methodology and also offers the possibility to connect to other systems via bi-directional APIs. It automatically calculates on a daily basis, what the potential economic loss would have been for a customer for not addressing fraud, which is invaluable knowledge for customers of the scale of the real fraud problem they might have, if they did not act. As a result of using the TUKU FMS tool, customers have experienced a 95% reduction in fraud.

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