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Leverage value added services delivered via Satellite  

Ka band Internet – enables broadband Internet services, at different speeds using a satellite antenna. Delivered wirelessly it is highly recommended in locations where other traditional coverage is not available. We have our own network in Latin America, with Gateways in Laredo (USA) and Arica (Chile).

Last mile - provides operators with a data transportation service for mobile broadband traffic or wireless network traffic serviced by hotspots (3/4G/LTE, or WiFi), that are reached with KA band satellite links serviced through teleports in Laredo (USA) and Arica (Chile).

VoIP – provides differentiated processing and treatment of voice traffic to ensure availability of resources when there is extreme congestion, prioritizing processing in terms of the best effort traffic, and allowing clients to make calls with good service quality. The VoIP service includes the spatial segment, upload and return channels, guaranteeing call quality.

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