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Site to Site capacity connectivity wherever you need it

Our service provides customers the opportunity to build their own customised networks for private use, integrating City-to- City services based on SDH/SONET, Giga Ethernet and our Wavelength architectures. The P2P Capacity services are connection-oriented services at both layer 1 and layer 2 of customer sites at the international level. The service offers solutions for high priority applications such as voice and video traffic, ensuring high performance. It offers a wide variety of routes for transportation and restoration in case of failure and flexibility  so that any protocol is independent and can carry IP, voice, data and video traffic.

We offer our clients unrestricted, door-to-door access through our global infrastructure and alliance with Third Parties, and therefore cover the supply and provision of interconnections at a regional and transnational level on routes that are not even addressed by other providers.

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