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Cargo Locate is based on physical devices that collect context or specific load data (GPS location and sensors) and a platform for device management and alert and report management, built around your needs.

It detects thefts, blows, manipulations or deviations in the cold chain, making it possible to react immediately and reduce the costs caused by this type of loss. It also improves logistics processes by detecting delivery delays or route deviations and guarantees the quality of the cargo that is transported or stored.

This service is relevant to transport & logistics companies, manufacturers of goods that require a cold chain and high-value goods companies.

International connectivity is provided with Telefónica’s Global SIM card and our extensive network of roaming partners.

Telefónica has a proven track record in IoT (1500+ IoT professionals, +20m SIMs connected, industry-leading partners and alliances) and has been recognised as a Leader in Gartner's Magic IoT Quadrant for six consecutive years.

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