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Telefónica wins Best Anti-Fraud Innovation Award at Global Carrier Awards 2020

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Telefónica Global Solutions (TGS) was honoured to win the Best Anti-Fraud Innovation award at the Global Carrier Awards 2020, recognising its in-house anti-fraud solution, TUKU Fraud Management System.

Over the last 16 years, the Global Carrier Awards have become a true mark of excellence and each year the industry eagerly anticipates this celebration of innovation and brilliance.

After announcing the winner, the organisers commented, ”Our judges were mesmerised by the innovation in Fraud Detection which Telefónica is evolving at pace and at a standard expected in a global carrier. Telefónica offers a robust anti-fraud system, and it has been enhanced with innovative features, both technical and commercial.”

TUKU Fraud Management System (FMS) is the guardian of Telefónica’s international network against potential fraud or spam attacks. A fully in-house solution hosted in the Telefónica Cloud, it is completely configurable by the customer and can detect, prevent and take action against any fraud in both Outgoing traffic streams and Incoming traffic streams. It applies Big Data methodology and also offers the possibility to connect to other systems via bi-directional APIs. As a result of using the TUKU FMS tool, customers have experienced a 95% reduction in fraud.

Eloy Rodríguez, International Voice Director of Telefónica Global Solutions explained, “We are delighted to receive this recognition. Fighting fraud continues to be a key priority for our customers, especially at this time, which makes receiving this award even more satisfying for us. With it, we reinforce our credentials as an innovative company in the market and position ourselves as a genuine Anti-fraud service provider".