Telefónica Deutschland signs an agreement which reconfirms its commitment to Telefónica International Wholesale Services global IPX and Roaming services

Wholesale 18 December 2018

Madrid, 18 December 2018.- Telefónica Deutschland continues its long lasting relationship with Telefónica’s wholesale business unit, Telefónica International Wholesale Services (TIWS), by signing an agreement making TIWS its main provider for all its international IPX and Roaming services. TIWS will deliver end-to end services to enable Telefónica Deutschland to provide a seamless service experience to their customers no matter in which country they visit.

The agreement includes a fully redundant 100 Gbps IPX Interconnection, delivered at 4 different locations, which supports DCH, Data Roaming, SCCP, International Messaging and LTE services. In addition, there is the commitment to jointly collaborate on the development of a new range of services designed to maximize customer satisfaction while abroad. Most importantly, as part of this agreement and in response to the year-on-year exponential twofold traffic increase, all services cited will be deployed and implemented over two diversified 100 Gbps links each equivalent to the highest Ethernet hierarchy used within the IPX industry. This agreed upgrade fully supports the future traffic growth potential for Telefónica Deutschland.

Among the new services supporting Telefónica Deutschland’s success is the new Marketing Campaigns Manager (MCM) service recently launched by TIWS. Once implemented, MCM will allow Telefónica Deutschland to target roamers based on their specific customer segment with customised offers. Thus achieving higher levels of satisfaction and customer loyalty whilst delivering the same quality and variety of service irrespective of location,both home and away, combined with cost control.

This agreement reinforces the naturally strong relationship between Telefónica Deutschland and TIWS, which include a broad range of services such as signalling, international voice termination, messaging, data services among others.

Alfons Lösing, member of the Management Board and Chief Partner & Business Officer of Telefónica Deutschland, commented: “This agreement ensures Telefónica Deutschland’s ability to deliver roaming services for our customers across the German Market both today and into the future and recognises the continued outstanding service delivered by TIWS.”
Juan Carlos Bernal, CEO Telefónica’s International Wholesale Business, reflected on the importance of the relationship between Telefónica Deutschland and TIWS, as well as many other MNOs which rely on TIWS for their international communications needs, commenting. “TIWS is fully committed to providing high quality value added services to Telefónica Deutschland, other Telefónica Operating Businesses and to third party Operators, to enhance their Customer Experience.’’

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