Telefónica announces the complete migration of voice traffic to its full IP International network to improve service quality and enhance customer experience

Wholesale 06 June 2018

Telefónica’s B2B Wholesale customers will benefit from the flexibility, security and scalability of the Full IP International Network deployed by the Teléfonica Group. This technological evolution enables virtualization, which brings an entire world of opportunities to satisfy current and future customer demands.

Madrid, 06 June 2018.- Telefónica International Wholesale Services (TIWS) has announced that the migration of Voice traffic to its new Full IP International Network will be completed by next June 30th 2018, thus making it one of the first big carriers to move completely to IP.

The constant growth of traffic due to digital trends, new business models and technologies such as Big Data, Blockchain and IoT, demand unlimited network capacity with unprecedented levels of flexibility, agility, security and scalability. Anticipating this fast moving scenario, big and small carriers need to be one step ahead and provide the core and transport network required to meet both current and future customer demand, all whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

The Full IP International Network deployed by TIWS is the solution that the Telefónica Group uses for all of their customers in order to fulfil current and future international traffic demands. This technological evolution not only meets and optimizes existing client needs, such as receiving and managing unlimited traffic volumes immediately, but it also opens the door to VoLTE, 5G services and virtualization, allowing the company to develop an automated platform based on prediction and machine learning.

Juan Carlos Bernal, CEO Telefónica International Wholesale Services explains, “This is another important step in the evolution of our services, providing the flexibility, speed and bandwidth necessary to meet the current and future needs of our customers, while always maintaining our firm commitment to quality and security."

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