Juan Carlos Bernal talks to CapacityTV about digital transformation in the wholesale industry

Wholesale 07 July 2017

Juan Carlos Bernal, CEO International Wholesale Business, Telefónica Business Solutions, talks to CapacityTV about the impact of digital transformation on the wholesale industry and the importance of putting strategies in place to respond to it.

During the interview he describes the main challenge facing the industry today to manage the transition from traditional services and traditional sources of revenue to new digital ones, and also explores the wider opportunities digital transformation brings to wholesalers.

Finally, he gives his predictions about the trends and developments that will impact the industry in the next 5 years. Juan Carlos highlights the importance of SDN and the softwarization of services which will transform the whole industry, as well as the consolidation of new digital services (Cloud, Security, IoT, Big Data) and potential changes to the Asian and European operator landscape.