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The wholesale unit of the company has formed a Committee and a supporting Certifications Department with the goal of developing, implementing and maintaining certifiable management systems in addition to any other related initiative the company may decide to set as a strategic objective.

The following certifications and standards are either certified or in the process of being certified:

Information Security (ISO 27001)

This certification's main aim is to implement and operate directives and recommendations in order to guarantee corporate information security. This will contribute to improving the services the company offers to its customers and the organisation's internal processes.

To that end, the organisation has included the progressive implementation of good practices within the overall information security strategy, with the aim of achieving sufficient security levels to allow information to be protected against any possible threats, whilst maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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Process Quality (ISO 9001)

This certification's main aim is to progressively implement measures to continuously improve the organisation's performance, and to permit us to meet our customers' needs and expectations.

The continuous improvement project is based on the current Quality Policy, which specifically defines the desired quality objectives.

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Service Management (ISO 20000)

This certification's main aim is to implement methods and directives that allow for efficient rendering of services, with a focus on integrating processes. This allows the quality of the services to be correctly managed, while improving the efficiency of the delivery and support processes and ensuring that the agreed service levels are met and that the risks associated with the continuity of service provision are reduced.

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Environment (ISO 14001)

In the Telefónica Group, we are committed to sustainable development, protecting the environment and reducing any negative impact of our operations on the environment. Therefore, the Telefónica Group has developed a Global Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001, to which Telefónica Business Solutions adheres, following the common environmental management guidelines established for the entire group.

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Personal Data Protection

The company has adopted security measures that allow it to comply with the applicable national and international legislation. This entailed adapting to the Spanish (AEPD - Spanish Data Protection Agency), Uruguayan (URCDP - Personal Data Regulatory and Supervisory Unit) and American (Safe Harbor) regulations. 

See Privacy Policy

See Safe Harbor Policy


Business Continuity (ISO 22301)

Telefonica Business Solutions recognizes that the changing nature of the environment in which it operates means that we must make an effort to guarantee the service provided to our customers. That means doing everything possible to ensure minimun disruption to our operations and the delivery of services upon which they rely.

To this end, Telefonica Business Solutions has embarked upon a Business Continuity Management System based on ISO22301 which will result in a set of plans and strategies to ensure the best response to a major incident which impact in business critical processes.

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