“Telefonica is embracing the power of digital transformation across the business spectrum from local community start-ups to multinational hotel services companies, with a consistent record of co-innovation with all of them.”

August 2017 David Molony David Molony Ovum

“By focusing their operations on things that customers value, CIOs in other industries can follow Telefónica’s steps and become digital innovators.”

Case Study: Telefónica Digitizes Its Operations In Service Of the Customer

Simplified And Automated Operations Drive Employee Engagement And Better Customer Experience

June 2017 Forrester

“Cloud has become a default platform for digital transformation. The industry's major battleground in 2017 will be how, from where and at what price cloud transformation services are delivered to customers. CSPs are also seeing Cloud and connectivity as the foundations for the digital transformations their customers are undertaking. We have long believed there is a need for an innovative approach to delivering on-demand network services from the telco sector, in the same way that the hyper-scalers are delivering compute and storage resources.”

January 2017 William Fellows William Fellows 451 Group

“Telefonica is steadily moving toward a model of continuous, agile service development and evolution, which is a sign that years of innovation initiatives and the reintegration of the digital business into the core of its enterprise and consumer offers are bearing fruit.”

January 2017 Evan Kirchheimer Evan Kirchheimer Ovum

“Over the last few years we’ve seen enterprises place an increasing importance on best-in-class regional services, with an emphasis on capillarity in priority geographies. We think service providers who can differentiate based on regional strengths will stand to profit from this shift in enterprise buying behavior”.

January 2017 Evan Kirchheimer Evan Kirchheimer Ovum

“Branch office SD-WAN and vCPE solutions are maturing, and provide new alternatives for enterprises to connect their sites to the WAN in a simplified, cost-effective and agile manner… The proliferation of cloud computing continues to transform traditional application architectures and traffic patterns, including a need for many enterprises to rearchitect their WANs.”

Gartner, Predicts 2017: Enterprise Networks and Network Services

November 2016 Gartner

"Telefonica remains for the third year running as one of the top providers of m2m solutions globally. Telefónica has been in the m2m and IoT business for over 15 years. This tenure has allowed it to build a strong pedigree and knowledge base in the segment."

m2m Communication Service Providers Benchmark 2016

September 2016 Matt Hatton Matt Hatton Machina Research

“Midmarket IT leaders report that the lack of skills and staff are the biggest barrier to achieving their IT objectives. The resources needed to run the infrastructure, ensure security, manage projects, rationalize the application portfolio, and so on are the same whether there are 500 or 5,000 users to support. Midmarket IT departments have to deal with the same variety of IT tasks as large enterprises, only with fewer people.”

Gartner, Leading an IT Organization With Fewer Than  50 Staff or a Budget Under $10 Million Primer for 2016

January 2016 Gartner

“Digital transformation initiatives and the dynamic threat landscape create a rapidly evolving set of challenges for enterprises. Delivering cyber security therefore demands a continuous process of technology updates and refreshes, which can be expensive to implement and difficult to manage. Innovation is key and Telefonica, through its ElevenPaths division, has a strong pedigree in bringing innovative solutions to market. The adoption of managed security services (MSS) is also an important enabler of cyber security capability that enterprises should consider seriously.”

August 2015 Duncan Brown Duncan Brown IDC

Telefonica’s recent investments in managed security including new service launches, engagement with strategic security vendors and increased staffing have boosted its position as a global MSSP. Its CyberSecurity, threat intelligence and SOC developments in the last year have also been key to its improving capability for a more proactive and comprehensive security portfolio.

June 2015 Mike Sapien Mike Sapien Ovum

“The operator is bullish on the growth of its digital services, investing in M2M, cloud services, big data, info security and verticals such as healthcare and financial services. 

Technology transformation and modernization is a major theme for the operator: Its components include high-speed networks, superior customer experience, and global platforms to accelerate time to market.”

Telefonica Leadership Conference Focuses on Driving Digital Business in a Complex Global Economy

May 2015 Kitty Weldon & Brian Washburn Kitty Weldon & Brian Washburn Current Analysis

“In Latin America, Telefonica is very strong among MNCs. The company is refreshing its MVAS portfolio in the SMB segment to capture the full growth potential”.

Enterprise mobile value added service strategies for MNOs in Latin America

April 2015 Daniel Ramos Daniel Ramos Pyramid Research

“Telefonica benefits from its global reach, with hosted videoconferencing services actively sold in many of the countries where it does business. Delivering a published SLA with its offering gives its service an advantage over those of its competitors’ hosted videoconferencing services that are not covered by an SLA.”

Hosted Videoconferencing Services: Market & Competitive Analysis

January 2015 Brian Riggs Brian Riggs Ovum

Telefónica Global Solutions has a strong global WAN proposition, and made several improvements during 2014, with a positive roadmap for more improvements moving into 2015 and beyond.

Current Analysis - Managed WAN IP VPN, Managed WAN Ethernet

December 2014 Joel Stradling Joel Stradling Current Analysis

The company is a font of innovation, annually scoring as one of the leading telecom patent holder, which bodes well for the future development of new services...Telefónica has an extended portfolio of standardized global solutions. Telefónica's managed WAN/managed voice value proposition is well established in the MNC/large regional corporate space. The Global Solutions group is also witnessing growth of M2M within Latin America.

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Telecom Service Provider 2013 Vendor Assessment

February 2014 Courtney Munroe, Melanie Posey Courtney Munroe, Melanie Posey IDC

“Telefónica Global Solutions has a compelling message of fixed and mobile services, as well as IT outsourcing, such as managed desktop services and e-mail, over an international footprint and single-contract model. The fact that Multinationals, Wholesale, and the Global Roaming group are all under Telefónica Global Solutions, adds additional synergies and the ability to control the customer experience more on an end to end basis.

Managed mobility is a key strength with innovative offerings, and Telefónica innovates in M2M with a number of end to end solutions, and with a growing list of reference customers.

Telefónica offers an exceptional UCC and telepresence footprint, with five global exchanges worldwide.

Telefónica’s international coverage provides a strong supporting pillar for global connectivity and convergent IT. The provider can offer a single-contract solution, whereby Telefónica manages local service provider partners in each country, as well as overseeing provisioning and committed delivery times, on behalf of its clients.”

Telefónica Global Solutions, Multinationals - Global Enterprise

January 2014 Joel Stradling & Kathryn Weldon Joel Stradling & Kathryn Weldon Current Analysis

“POSITIVE. We are taking a positive stance on the Telefónica Global Solutions Wholesale business unit, because the carrier has a considerable global network and operational presence, which it continues to expand and consolidate...TGS Wholesale launched a number of services that should help its clients handle growing and complex needs to manage international traffic for delivering content and enabling MNCs with a telecom expense management tool. The carrier is investing heavily in IPX and has a comprehensive roadmap for service expansion.”

Telefónica Global Solutions, Wholesale Company Assessment (Services)

January 2014 Joel Stradling Joel Stradling Current Analysis

Positive on Telefónica’s extension to its access and managed mobility portfolio for the enterprise, as Wi-Fi connectivity has become increasingly important for global mobile workforces largely driven by cost reduction strategies. The move further enhances the range of Telefónica services and demonstrates its customer focus and innovative approach to solutions. This is also a strategy that will increase Telefónica’s chances of winning global RFPs that require a full range of connectivity options.

Telefónica Extends Wi-Fi Hotspots and Offers Unlimited Data Proposition for New Universal Wi-Fi Service

January 2014 Emma Keedwell Emma Keedwell Current Analysis

Understanding customer needs: From a business perspective Telefónica shows an understanding of the issues facing CIOs… Overall, its approach to meeting MNC customer needs is focused rightly on solutions, not one-off products, and this approach is backed up by a pragmatic attitude to technology and service sourcing.

Telefónica Global Solutions Outlines its Global, MNC and 3rd Platform Aspirations

December 2013 James Eibisch, Melissa Fremeijer, IDC James Eibisch, Melissa Fremeijer, IDC IDC